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HDAF100 Auto Focus HD 1080p Digital Microscope with Basic Stand and Optional HD Monitor
HDAF100 with Basic Stand and Optional HD Monitor

HDAF100 Auto Focus HD 1080p Digital Microscope with Basic Stand and Optional HD Monitor

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24 inch 1080p HD Monitor with HDMI input [+$200.00]
HD Video (1080p) and Image Capture Box with USB Drive [+$199.00]
USB device for Image & Video Capture + Measurement Software [+$499.00]
3 Inch Extension Arm [+$25.00]
Multiplier Lens for 207x-467x [+$99.00]
Polarizer Kit [+$99.00]
HDAF100 Auto Focus HD 1080p Digital Microscope with Basic Stand and Optional HD Monitor

YSC HDAF100 (12x-132x) Full HD 1080p HDMI Output Auto-Focus Digital Microscope including integrated LED lighting and Basic Stand. Single or Continouse Auto Focus feature and all camera functions can be controlled by the remoted control included. (Optional 1x-11x if using stand with taller working distance. Optional 207x-467x with multiplier lens). HD 1080p Monitor NOT included.

HDAF100 is the ultimate HD 1080p Auto Focus digital microscope with Auto Focus feature and 1080p (60 fps) HDMI output offering wide magnification range. The system offers standard magnification range from 12x to 132x depending on adjusted working distance from 226mm to 22.5mm. With optional taller stand offering longer working distance, magnification range can be decreased from 1x to 11x. With optional multiplier lens, magnification range can be increased from 207x to 467x depending on adjusted working distance from 10mm to 6.2mm.

The HD High Definition microscope has 1080p HDMI output, which can be connected with any HD 1080p monitor with HDMI input for real time viewing, inspection, training, discussion and presentation. HD images (1920x1080) and full motion video (1080p) can be recorded with optional recording device. Optional video measurement software is available. The auto focus feature can be set to single or continuous mode depending on customer’s application. The system has integrated LED Ring light with adjustable intensity for proper illumination to optimize image quality. Polarizer option is also available.

The HD microscope can be configured with many stand options. Optional 3 inch horizontal arm can be added to the basic stand for extended 6.75 inch throat depth for viewing smaller to larger samples. Other stands like universal stand, dual gliding arm stand and articulating arm stand are available for custom applications.

All HDAF100 functions can be controlled by the remote controller for Optical Zoom, Step Zoom, Single Auto-Focus, Continuous Auto-Focus, LED Control, Exposure, Calibration of Focusing System, FOV and Magnification Data, Video Ratio, Sharpness, Freeze, AWB

Key Benefits

» High Definition HD 1080p 60 fps video display without lag
» Healthy Ergonomics for reducing neck stress and eye fatigue
» Long Working Distance
» Wide possible video field of view
» Adjustable Viewing Angles with Optional Tilting Stand
» Real Time Full Motion HD1080p 60fps
» HD Video Display
» Can connect to larger HD monitors (17 inch to 80 inch) for training or presentation
» High resolution images can be saved
» 1080p full motion video can be saved
» Many stand and hardware options
» Full camera settings control
» Adjustable high intensity LEDs
» Video measurement software options


» Assembly
» Inspection
» Production
» Quality Control
» Failure Analysis
» Electronics
» Documentation
» Medical Device
» Matching CNC
» Aerospace
» Natural Science
» Semiconductor
» Biomedical Device
» Animal Surgery
» Training Video
» Measurement

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