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3D Digital Microscope 32x-218x Basic Stand 2MP USB Camera Measurement Software 3D-300-BS
3D Digital Microscope Basic Stand 2MP USB Camera Measurement Software

3D Digital Microscope 32x-218x Basic Stand 2MP USB Camera Measurement Software 3D-300-BS

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Part Number:3D300BS

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Sample configuration including: 

3D-300                  3D Power Zoom Lens and built-in LED Lighting

ST-023                   Basic Stand

USB-UXGA          USB 2.0 Camera

Optional: Software, monitor and computers.
3D Digital Microscope with Detent Click Stops and Built-in High Intensity LED Lighting, including Rotary Motor Controller for Light Intensity, Rotation Speed, Stop/Run Adjustments, Straight Viewing Lens with 90mm (3.54") Working Distance.  45 Degree Oblique Viewing Adapter with 25mm (0.98") Working Distance.  Diagonal FOV using 1/1.8" CCD: 13.69mm - 1.98mm; (Video Magnification 17" Monitor 32X - 218X)  [Camera, Stand, Frame Grabber and Software are NOT included]
Key Benefits:
  • 3D digital video microscope rotational viewing allows inspection from oblique angle to see things not possible with typical 2D scope.
  • Integrated LED lighting eliminates the need for external light box, light guide and light bulb replacement.
  • Full control of motorized rotation (speed, direction, stop)
  • Other oblique angle viewing adapters (25, 30, 35, 40 degree, etc.)
  • YSC Image Pro Ultra video measurement and image processing software
  • Extensive stand options including back lighting
  • Long working distance
  • XY and Z-height measurement accessory
  • Easy removal of oblique viewing adapter for top-down viewing and inspection


SMT solder joints, QFP, capacitors, connectors, wire bonds, die fill, medical stents, medical devices, chemical powders, and YOUR APPLICATION.
3D Lens Model 3D-300 3D-150
Optical Magnification 0.73x - 5.12x 0.36x - 2.56x
Horizontal Field of View with 1/2" CCD 8.8 to 1.25mm (0.35" to 0.049") 17.6 to 2.50mm (0.69" to 0.10")
19" LCD Video Magnification 44x-309x 22x-154x
Horizontal Field of View with 1/3" CCD 6.6 to 0.94mm (0.26" to 0.037") 13.2 to 1.88mm (0.52" to 0.074")
19" LCD Video Magnification 59x-412x 29x-206x
Working Distance 90mm (3.54") 90mm (3.54")
Viewing Angle Options 0, 25-55 0, 25-55
3D PowerZoom Lens Features Manual Zoom
  Motorized Rotation
  Detent "click" stops and Fine Focus Adjustment
  Manual Rotation and Motorized Zoom are also Available
Standard Illumination Adjustable High Intensity LED
Lighting Options Dual Arm Fiber, Side and Back Lighting
High Resolution CCD Camera Options 1/2" or 1/3" Color CCD with S-Video and Composite Outputs
Megapixel Camera Options 1.4MP, 2.0MP, 3.3MP and 32MP
HD High Definition Cameras 1080p and 1080i
Stand Options Tilting Focus Block, Boom Stand, Articulating Arm, Basic Stand
Video Options Video Image Capture, Video Measurement, XY & Z Measurement Stage
Image formats jpg, tif, bmp
Specifications subject to changes and E&O without notice and liabilities.

3D digital microscope 3D-300-BS with HD HDMI or USB mega pixel digital camera.  Both 2D and 3D measurement software are available with digital video image capture.

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