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Digital Microscopes HD 1x-50x Long Working Distance FSHD4-LBSM10
Digital Microscopes HD 1x-50x Long Working Distance FSHD4-LBSM10

Digital Microscopes HD 1x-50x Long Working Distance FSHD4-LBSM10

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Part Number:FSHD4LBSM10

HD Digital Microscope FSHD4-LBSM10 High Definition 1080p offers 1x-50x with long working distance, 10 inch HD monitor, stand and LED diffuser lighting.  The system can be configured with image capture device and software for measurement applications.

FreeScope (1x-50x) Full HD 1080p Digital Microscope including LED lighting.  10 inch HD 1080p Monitor and Universal Stand are included.  Laser Pointer, Image Capture Device and Measurement Software are optional.
The HD Digital Microscope with wide zoom range and long working distance is ideal for real time inspection for SMT, micro electronics, medical device, museum display, and research&development applications.  Images and video clips can be stored with VIC-USB or other devices.  Video measurement software option is also available for distance and circle dimension measurements.  Various stands and xy measurement stages can be configured with the HD Digital Microscope.

For more information, please also visit our webpage "FSHD4 FreeScope HD Digital Microscope". 
Video Magnification (10" LCD)
1x - 50x
2x - 100x
Horizontal Field of View Range
176 to 4.6mm
88 to 2.3mm
7.0" to 0.18"
3.5" to 0.09"
Working Distance Range
5.3" (135mm) to 16" (406mm)
Megapixel Sensor
1/3" CMOS 1384(h) x 1076(v) apprx. 1.5 million pixels
1080p @ 30fps or 1080i at 60fps
Camera Controls
White Balance, AGC, AES, Auto, Manual
10x Parfocal Zoom Lens (Manual)
Lens Adjustments
Iris, Focus and Zoom
HDTV LCD Color Monitor
10 Inch HDTV monitor Full HD (1920x1080)
Other LCD Monitor Options
Please call
Video Outputs
HDMI and Composite
Viewing Angles 
Top down straight viewing, 45 degree oblique viewing, 0 to 90 degree
Lighting Options
High Intensity Adjustable LEDs and Diffuser Glass
Other Lighting Options
Halogen, Fluorescent and Back Lighting
Stand Options
Basic, Universal, Articulating Arm and Back Lighitng Stands
Laser Pointer
Cross Hair
On / Off
AC adapter input voltage
100 - 240V (50/60Hz)
Accessories Available:
USB Capture Device, Measurement Software, Measurement Stage and Portable Image Capture Device
Specifications subject to changes and E&O without notice and liabilities.
Magnification/Field of View/Working Distance Chart  

Working Distance



Video Magnification (22" LCD)

5.3" (135mm)

10x - 100x

20x - 200x

Horizontal Field of View 5.3" (135mm) 46 to 4.6mm 23 to 2.3mm
    1.8" to 0.18" 0.9" to 0.09"
Video Magnification (22" LCD) 6" (152mm) 8.6x - 86x 17.2x - 172x
Horizontal Field of View 6" (152mm) 55 to 5.5mm 27.5 to 2.8mm
    2.17" to 0.22"

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