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HD-PAD Handheld Digital Microscope 4x—14x
HD-PAD Handheld Digital Microscope 4x—14x

HD-PAD Handheld Digital Microscope 4x—14x

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Part Number:HD-PAD
HD-PAD Handheld Digital Microscope 4x—14x

The YSC HD-PAD is the perfect tool for quick and immediate inspection needs. This inspection magnifier provides crystal clear images for the user. Its compact and ergonomic design is comfortable to hold and highly intuitive to use.
The display delivers high quality sharp, bright, and high contrast images. Its vibrant color image and wide viewing angle makes it easy to use in hard to reach places and in poor lighting conditions. The HD-PAD also has an on-screen measurement grid overlay to give the user quick dimension guidelines.

Key Features:
  • Accurate & detailed inspection of a variety of objects
  • Instant on screen measurement in mm and inch
  • Easy recording & traceability of 100 images
  • Mobile visual inspection tool suitable for hard to access areas and poor lighting conditions
  • Wide focus range, fast response time, excellent optical quality, and low power consumption


Screen size & resolution

4.3”diagonal TFT display, 480x272


Far focus: 4x-8x
Near focus: 7x-14x

Color modes

Full color, high contrast

Image storage mode

100 images in 480x272 pixels, 24-bitmap format, transferrable through USB

Depth of field

3.5cm in overview, 1.5cm close

Measurement grid

Yes, available in inch and mm


3MP CMOS, RGB565 video at 30fps

Battery—Lithium Ion

Up to 5 hours, charge time 4 hours

Connection cable

Micro USB

Charger supply

100V—240Vac 50/60Hz with supplied adapter

Unit supply voltage

5V dc, micro-USB connector


225 grams


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