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HD Hi-Def Video Recorder HD-PVR
HD Hi-Def Video Recorder HD-PVR

HD Hi-Def Video Recorder HD-PVR

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HD Hi-Def Video Recorder HD-PVR
GefenTV Hi-Def Personal Video Recorder uses a built-in hard drive and SD flash cards, with standard MPEG-4 compression and H.264 encoding technology
The Gefen High-Definition Personal Video Recorder allows consumers to implement the functions of a traditional video tape recorder or DVD recorder, but in an exciting new way using state-of-the-art removable SD flash memory devices and/or a built-in 80GB hard disk drive. Now, consumers can enjoy instant recording and versatile portability of digital video and music, as well as playback of music and digital pictures, all within one compact tabletop unit. 


•Video recording and playback at resolutions of 480i to 1080i

•Instant Recording to SD Flash Media or Internal Hard Disk Drive

•Pause, Mute, Fast Forward & Fast Backwards playback controls

•Media Scanning Function to Locate Videos, Audio Files, Pictures

•Playback of externally imported videos, music, pictures

•4 different quality settings for storage compression

•Friendly Graphical Interface for controlling Settings

•Records in standard MPEG4 format with stereo audio

•2x-10x Picture Zoom for viewing Photos

•International language support


•Video Amplifier Bandwidth: 165 MHz

•Max Resolution Supported: 1080i

•A/V Input Connectors: Composite (TV), S-Video, Component, HDMI

•Audio Inputs: 2x SPDIF (RCA), 2 x Analog L + R,

•Audio Outputs: 1x SPDIF (RCA)

•A/V Output Connectors: HDMI 19-pin female Type "A"

•High Definition recording throughput rate: 3.5Mbps to 10Mbps

•Standard Definition recording throughput rate: 1.5Mbps to 4Mbps

•Power Consumption: 20W (maximum)

•Remote Control : Infra-Red handheld type

•Dimensions: 6.9"W x 2.1"H x 6.9"D

•Shipping Weight: 5 lbs.

No More Missed Action!

Package Includes:

•(1) GefenTV HD Personal Video Recorder (GTV-HD-PVR)

•(1) 6 ft. HDMI Cable (CAB-HD-LCK-06MM)

•(1) RMT IR Extender (EXT-RMT-EXTIR)

•(1) Dual Infrared Emitter (EXT-2IREMIT)

•(1) IR Remote (GTV-RMT-HD-PVR)

•(1) 5V DC Power Supply (EXT-PS56AU)

•(1) Quick-Start Guide (QSG-GTV-HD-PVR)
Optional Accessories:
Cables for HDMI

You won't miss the action any more with this High-Def Personal Video Recorder. With a touch of the IR Remote, you'll be able to instantly begin recording programs or video segments when inspiration strikes you. With the capacity to review, fast forward, fast backwards, pause, and erase videos, you'll have unprecedented flexibility in capturing what you want and keeping only what you need.

Your Personal Multimedia Playback Center

The recorder is not just for recording video. You can also scan storage devices for the contents that you want, play music, look at digital picture albums, or play back previously recorded clips.

How It Works

The High-Def Personal Video Recorder is easy to use. Connect your video source(s) to one or all of the HD-PVR's 4 inputs, then connect your HDMI-compliant display on its HDMI output. Once the source(s), the recorder, and the display are powered and connected, select the video source and feature that you want using the Infra-Red (IR) remote. If you want to modify settings for instant recording and other features, you can go into the friendly On-Screen Display and adjust the settings.

Four quality settings are user-selectable ranging from 3.5Mbps to 10Mbps for Hi-Def content and 1.5Mbps to 4Mbps for Standard Definition formats. Recording time can be increased by selecting lower throughput rates (in Megabits / second), while recording quality can be maximized by choosing high throughput rates.

It only plays back what it records, MPEG4 format video using H.264 encoding with compressed 2-channel stereo sound. Recordings can be made separately to either the internal hard drive or SD flash card. Digital video recorded on the SD card can be played on any computer with MPEG4 drivers installed. Drivers to play MPEG4 / H.264 content are commonplace.

Note:  This device will not allow an HDCP encrypted source to be recorded. For an input of 1080i, the device actually saves the recording at 1440x1080i, but plays back at 1080i. This is an encoding chip limitation.


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