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LED Illumination

With many years of application experience and product development, our LED products offer the highest quality and best range of any manufacturer of machine vision lighting. The Constant Current Controlled "MG-Wave" and Constant Voltage Controlled "MCV-Light" provide solutions for the diverse applications and image processing environments found in the industry. Unlike other companies that may focus only on lighting, our total system solutions approach provides customers with the best performance and efficiency through consideration of not just one but all three of the essential imaging fields: illumination, lens, and peripherals. Our total system solutions meet the needs of even the most challenging applications, especially with our ability to integrate hardware for advanced optical systems.

SCHOTT MORITEX is the only company in the machine vision industry to offer two distinct illuminate series based on different power conventions. The MG-Wave was designed using the efficient Constant Current convention and the MCV-Light utilizes the easy-to-use industrial 24V Constant Current convention. In an effort to meet the needs of our customers, these two series provide illumination in a number of configurations, sizes, and wavelengths with different options for power and control.

System Flowchart

System Flowchart

Direct Ring Illumination

Low Angle Ring Illumination

Shadowless Illumination

Bar Illumination

Square Bar Type Illumination

Dome Illumination

Simulated Coaxial Illumination

Direct Backlights (Chip Mount Type)

Direct Backlights (Discrete Type)

Edge Type Backlights

Collimated Backlights

High Brightness LED Light Line

Line Illumination

Diffuse Chip Type Bar Illumination

Coaxial Illumination

High Power LED Spot Illumination

LED Spot Projectors

IR Illumination

UV Illumination

Variable Color RGB Illumination