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MaxV-0808AV 3 Axis XYZ Programmable Video Measurement System
MaxV-0808AV 3 Axis XYZ Programmable Video Measurement SystemSystem

MaxV-0808AV 3 Axis XYZ Programmable Video Measurement System

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MaxV-0808AV/1208AV series is a desktop DCC (direct computer controlled) DVCMM. The choices of XY stage travel are 8”x 8” and 12”x 8” with an optional granite base. For Z axis, the 6” travel is standard and 8” travel is optional. The machine equips either high-resolution CCD camera or mega-pixel digital camera with programmable zoom and programmable illumination features. These machines are driven by high resolution microstepping steppers or servo motors. The DMP-4000 dimensional measurement software has sub-pixel edge detection, programming, DXF import / export and complete CMM capabilities. Inspection and defect detection software is available. Optional height measurement sensor and rotary table are available.

MaxV-0808AV/1208AV DCC Video Measuring System


High Precision


Powerful Features

Exceptional Value

Made in USA


• This DVCMM system delivers the best performance in its class, speed and repeatability.

• The DMP4000 software provides rich set of functions to handle applications across industries.

• Supports mega-pixel digital camera to achieve high image quality and superb measurement accuracy.

• Multi-sensor option and custom solutions are an integral part of our product offering as options available to you.

• Digital Precision Corp. provides the best cost effective solutions aimed at improving you productivity and

impacting your bottom-line.


Standard Configuration


MaxV-0808AV: 8(X) x 8 (Y) x 6 (Z) inch

MaxV-1208AV: 12 (X) x 8 (Y) x 6 (Z) inch

Resolution: Linear scale 0.1 um (XYZ)

Camera: 1360 x 1024 CCD digital camera /

NTSC CCD camera

Optics: 0.58X-7X programmable zoom

Illumination: Programmable LED ring, LED

co-axial, LED sub-stage

L, Accuracy: XY E1 = 1.7 + 5L / 1000 um

Z E1 = 2.5 + 5L / 1000 um

Motion: Microstepping stepper

Software: DMP-4000

OS: Windows 7

Monitor: 22 inch WLCD


MaxV-0808AV: 18 (W) x 28 (H) x 30 (D) inch

MaxV-1208AV: 22 (W) x 28 (H) x 30 (D) inch


Other features include programmable lighting, motorized

zoom and software to support multiple programmable

steps and maintain the magnification and calibrations.

The DMP4000 software has auto edge detection with

sub-pixel resolution. It provides full CMM measuring capability.

The stage and video mapping capabilities greatly

improve the system measurement accuracy.



Encoder: 0.01 um

Z Axis Travel: 8 inch (200 mm)

4th Axis: Rotary table

Height Sensor: Up to 10nm resolution. Laser,

white light or con-focal

Camera: Up to 12M digital camera

Optics: 2X, 5X, 10X or 20X objectives

Illumination: Red LED

Touch Probe: Renishaw TP20


Standard Measurement

• Distance

• Circle

• Linewidth

• Thickness

• Length

• Angle

• Ellipse

• Area

• Height

• Co-plane

• Statistics

• Counting

• Slot

• Position

• Circularity

• Concentricity

• Straightness

• Angularity

• Parallelism

• Perpendicularity

• Statistics


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