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MaxV-1208AV 3 Axis XYZ Programmable Video Measurement System
MaxV-1208AV 3 Axis XYZ Programmable Video Measurement System

MaxV-1208AV 3 Axis XYZ Programmable Video Measurement System

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Part Number:MaxV1208AV
MaxV-0808AV/1208AV series is a desktop DCC (direct computer controlled) DVCMM. The choices of XY stage travel are 8”x 8” and 12”x 8” with an optional granite base. For Z axis, the 6” travel is standard and 8” travel is optional. The machine equips either high-resolution CCD camera or mega-pixel digital camera with programmable zoom and programmable illumination features. These machines are driven by high resolution microstepping steppers or servo motors. The DMP-4000 dimensional measurement software has sub-pixel edge detection, programming, DXF import / export and complete CMM capabilities. Inspection and defect detection software is available. Optional height measurement sensor and rotary table are available.

This system can also be upgraded for probe card tip inspection and measurements.
MaxV-0808AV/1208AV DCC Video Measuring System


High Precision


Powerful Features

Exceptional Value

Made in USA


• This DVCMM system delivers the best performance in its class, speed and repeatability.

• The DMP4000 software provides rich set of functions to handle applications across industries.

• Supports mega-pixel digital camera to achieve high image quality and superb measurement accuracy.

• Multi-sensor option and custom solutions are an integral part of our product offering as options available to you.

• Digital Precision Corp. provides the best cost effective solutions aimed at improving you productivity and

impacting your bottom-line.


Standard Configuration


MaxV-0808AV: 8(X) x 8 (Y) x 6 (Z) inch

MaxV-1208AV:12 (X) x 8 (Y) x 6 (Z) inch

Resolution: Linear scale 0.1 um (XYZ)

Camera: 1360 x 1024 CCD digital camera /

NTSC CCD camera

Optics: 0.58X-7X programmable zoom

Illumination: Programmable LED ring, LED

co-axial, LED sub-stage

L, Accuracy: XY E1 = 1.7 + 5L / 1000 um

Z E1 = 2.5 + 5L / 1000 um

Motion: Microstepping stepper

Software: DMP-4000

OS: Windows 7

Monitor: 22 inch WLCD


MaxV-0808AV: 18 (W) x 28 (H) x 30 (D) inch

MaxV-1208AV: 22 (W) x 28 (H) x 30 (D) inch


Other features include programmable lighting, motorized

zoom and software to support multiple programmable

steps and maintain the magnification and calibrations.

The DMP4000 software has auto edge detection with

sub-pixel resolution. It provides full CMM measuring capability.

The stage and video mapping capabilities greatly

improve the system measurement accuracy.



Encoder: 0.01 um

Z Axis Travel: 8 inch (200 mm)

4th Axis: Rotary table

Height Sensor: Up to 10nm resolution. Laser,

white light or con-focal

Camera: Up to 12M digital camera

Optics: 2X, 5X, 10X or 20X objectives

Illumination: Red LED

Touch Probe: Renishaw TP20


Standard Measurement

• Distance

• Circle

• Linewidth

• Thickness

• Length

• Angle

• Ellipse

• Area

• Height

• Co-plane

• Statistics

• Counting

• Slot

• Position

• Circularity

• Concentricity

• Straightness

• Angularity

• Parallelism

• Perpendicularity

• Statistics


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