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OneTouch-HM High Magnification Automatic Measurement System
OneTouch-HM High Magnification Automatic Measurement System

OneTouch-HM High Magnification Automatic Measurement System

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Part Number:OneTouchHM
High Magnification Automatic Measurement OneTouch System.  5 micron encoder.

OneTouch-HM is a digital microscope with

height measurement capability. It can be used

for visual inspection, precision FOV XY and Z

height measurement, as well as image documentation.

The motorized Z-axis with fine encoder

can be used to measure the height manually

or by using auto-focus.

The system is easy to use. The XY measurement

can be done by moving mouse manually

or programming with sub-pixel edge detection.

The measuring program can be created for repeat

measurement. Operator can simply push

a button to start the programming measurement.

The result measurement date can be

sent to Excel, data files or SPC software. The

software also provides rich imaging functions.


XY & Height Measurement

High Magnification Zoom Optics

Touch button operation

Detent zoom optics

• High resolution digital camera

• High precision FOV dimensional measurement

• Manual Z height measurement and automatic

Z height measurement with auto-focus

• One touch to perform programmed measurement

or manual measurement

• Save and annotate image

• All-in-one, compact size

Standard Configuration

• 3M color digital camera

• 7.5X - 45X Detent zoom optics with 300x -

1800X total magnification

• Motorized Z-axis with 75mm travel

• Two speed, Z-axis speed control and fine Z


• 0.000127mm Z-axis encoder resolution

• 76 x 56 mm travel manual stage

• LED co-axial lighting and back light

• 20 inch WLCD screen

• Configurable push buttons.

• DMP3000 metrology & imaging software

• Dual-core computer with Windows 7

• Dimension (in): 19 (W) x 25 (H) x 18 (D)


• Integrated or separate monitor

• 12X detent or motorized zoom

• Choices of 5X, 10X and 20X objectives

• 50 mm x 50 mm manual stage with encoder

Standard Measurement

• Distance

• Circle

• Linewidth

• Thickness

• Length

• Angle

• Area

• Height

• Co-plane

• Statistics

• Counting

• Slot

• Ellipse

• Position

• Circularity

• Concentricity

• Straightness

• Angularity

• Parallelism

• Perpendicularity

• Statistics


Main Features

• Eliminate keyboard and mouse for basic operation

• Single button operation

• Ultra-fast auto measurement

• Knob control crosshair move and rotation

• Button control DRO reset

• Factory calibration & mapping

• Pattern matching part alignment for placement offset and orientation

• Ultra-sharp image and zoom-in window for easy alignment

• Multiple section LED illumination

• Multiple built-in templates

• Easy AutoCheck measurement

• Master part image comparison

• DXF drawing , text, graphics and image overlay

• Capable of saving image or video

• All in one design. Compact size
OneTouch-HM High Magnification Field of View Automatic Measurement System for xy measurement.  The measurement system can be automated for volume sample checking.

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