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OneTouch-LV Large Field of View Automatic Measurement System
OneTouch-LV Large Field of View Automatic Measurement System

OneTouch-LV Large Field of View Automatic Measurement System

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Part Number:OneTouchLV
Large Field of View (40mm x 30mm) Automatic Measurement OneTouch System.  10 micron encoder.
OneTouch-LV is extra large view measuring and profiling station. The standard FOV is 40 mm x 30 mm with telecentric lens. Larger FOV telecentric lens or zoom lens are optional. 3M digital camera provides fine pixel resolution. The machine has a motorized Z-axis and programmable lighting features to maintain focus and lighting conditions. The machine has pattern matching capability and it can be programmed to find the part location, orientation and perform precision measurement by simply pushing a button. The machine can also be used to compare the part profile with a standard profile that is generated by a golden part.

Main Features

• Eliminate keyboard and mouse for basic operation

• Single button operation

• Ultra-fast auto measurement

• Knob control crosshair move and rotation

• Button control DRO reset

• Factory calibration & mapping

• Pattern matching part alignment for placement offset and orientation

• Ultra-sharp image and zoom-in window for easy alignment

• Multiple section LED illumination

• Multiple built-in templates

• Easy AutoCheck measurement

• Master part image comparison

• DXF drawing , text, graphics and image overlay

• Capable of saving image or video

• All in one design. Compact size

Features and Capability Guaranteed to Enhance Productivity

• Instantaneous full screen image analysis

OneTouch-LV is designed to measure and inspect the overall dimensions of small


With one touch of a button all the dimensional analysis you need is

accomplished according to your measuring specifications and reported the way

you want it.

• Alignment and datum orientation are established automatically

Within the field of view, regardless of orientation, the part program auomatically

locates the datum features. Time-consuming part alignment procedures are entirely


• Easy to program

The hours of programming time and test required by point to point measuring

systems is a thing of past. Piece parts can be easily programmed.

• Instant results reporting

High level reporting options allow you to configure measuring results in your format.

• OneTouch is designed for a wide variety of applications

Plastic parts, electronic and peripheral parts, medical parts, metal working, etc.
Standard Options
Magnification 0.16X 0.25X 0.5X 0.18X - 1.13X
Field of View (mm) 40 25.6 12.8 45 - 7
Working Distance (mm) 175 160 120 175
Depth of Field (mm) +/-19.7 +/- 8.2 +/- 2.1
Pixel Resolution (um)* 20 12.8 6.4 17.5 - 2.7
Accuracy with Edge Detection (um)* +/-5 +/-4 +/-3 +/-5 - +/- 3

Standard Configuration



Sample Images

Standard Measurement

• Distance • Circle • Linewidth

• Thickness • Length • Angle

• Area • Slot • Ellipse

• Position • Circularity • Concentricity

• Straightness • Angularity • Parallelism

• Perpendicularity • Statistics • Counting


• Pin Array

• Ring shape

• Rectangle shape

• Triangle shape

Small Parts

• 2548 x 1536 color digital image resolution

• 0.16X telecentric optics

• Measure size up to 32 mm x 24 mm

• 75mm Z-axis travel with joystick control

• +/-5um accuracy with auto-edge detection

• 20 inch WLCD screen

• Configurable push buttons.

• One touch to perform auto programming measurement

• 6 section LED top light

• Collimated back light

• DMP3000 metrology & imaging software

• Extra small form, dual-core computer

• Windows XP / Vista

• Dimension (in): 19 (W) x 25 (H) x 18 (D)

• Variety of telecentric lens or motorized zoom lens


• X, Y and rotation crosshair control

• 24 inch WLCD monitor

 OneTouch-LV Large Field of View Automatic Measurement System for xy measurement.  The measurement system can be automated for volume sample checking.

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