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Schott Moritex SMT
Schott Moritex SMT

Schott Moritex SMT

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High Brightness Light Line SMT

The slim designed SMT High Brightness Light Lines are available in two different types, standard and reflective, as well as three different versions offering passive air cooling, active air cooling or are water-cooling. The latter version achieves the highest brightness at a peak value of more than two million lux of lighting intensity.


• High speed in-line scanning can be increased significantly

• The performance of line cameras can be leveraged more effectively with our high brightness light lines

• The precise adjustment of the focusing lens provides exceptionally uniform lighting

• The illumination width can range from 300 to 3,000 mm in 150 mm increments

The HBLL offers high flash capabilities at frequencies of up to 100 kilohertz. It can also be used in machine vision processes that require integration of various types of alternative illumination during a single inspection phase. Product versions that accommodate diffuse, non-reflective (the standard type) as well as reflective surfaces, (the reflective surface type) are available. SMT High Brightness Light Lines covers a broad field of inspection applications. 

Technical data:

• Lighting intensity: up to 2 million lux

• High light uniformity: + 5% deviation at max. light intensity

• Flash frequency: up to 100 kHz

• LED colors: white, red

• Illumination widths: 300 to 3,000 mm (in 150 mm increments)

• Standard working distance: 50 to 100 mm

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