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Schott Moritex SOD-X Accessories
Schott Moritex SOD-X Accessories

Schott Moritex SOD-X Accessories

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High-performance Rear Converter Lenses

SOD-X accessories include:

  • High performance rear converter lenses
  • Semi-custom options such as 90 degree prisms, filters & protective glass covers, and LED mounting adapters

Model Type



Rear Converter Lenses


Rear Converter Lenses


To support the use of our high performance lenses, we offer a wide range of top quality accessories for various lens types.  Whether you simply need to mount a lens or need to bend light for applications with challenging space constraints, we have options to help you achieve the best results possible. Accessories include 90 degree prisms, optical axis pitch converters, rear converter lenses, filters, protective glass, mount adapters, and more. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require customized accessories or integrated optical systems.

Telecentric Lens Accessories

Telecentric lens accessories include:
� Mount adapters
� 90 degree side view mirror prisms
� 90 degree side view penta-prisms
� Variable optical axis pitch converters
� Variable pitch side view prisms
� Dual Field of View prisms
� Rear converters / doublers
� Proxar front converter lenses
� L-Shaped 90 degree coaxial adapter
� LED mounting adapters
� Customized solutions such as integrated dual FOV & lighting systems and top & bottom image plane systems.

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