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Schott Moritex miniMMLx1.0
Schott Moritex miniMMLx1.0

Schott Moritex miniMMLx1.0

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Part Number:miniMMLx1.0

All-In-One Design

  • Optimized camera, lens, and lighting combination eliminates the hassle of device selection
  • Integrated bright-field and dark-field illumination built increases versatility to support changes in work-pieces
  • Easy installation and operation from a PC with power and I/O via USB reduces setup, service and support requirements
  • Single unit also reduces component management costs

Ultra-Slim Body

  • Ultra-slim 15 mm height is 1/20 the size of a comparable system allows for reduction of system size and installation & mounting challenges
  • Alignment, object character recognition, and more from locations and directions not accessible in the past opening up new possibilities for machine vision
Model Type
WD (mm)
Resolution (μm)

Telecentric Lenses

High quality telecentric lenses of SCHOTT MORITEX have become the industry standard for semiconductor, FPD, and other electronics manufacturing applications that require machine vision for recognition, mounting, alignment, and/or inspection. Our lenses enable high contrast, high resolution and low distortion imaging with optional integrated coaxial illumination that utilizes our proprietary hot spot reduction techniques fusing advanced optical designs with user-friendly features. Catalog specifications alone cannot convey the high level of our lens quality.

Taking advantage of cutting-edge optical design expertise, SCHOTT MORITEX's high-performance machine vision lenses ensure accurate imaging performance for machine vision systems used in assembly and inspection processes on manufacturing lines.
WD (mm)
Resolution (μm)
Depth of Field (mm)
Effective Fno
Distortion (%)
External View
LED Illumination
Lighting Method
White LED coaxial and ring illumination
Output Control
Pulse lighting synchronized with exposure signal
Intensity Control
128 Bit independent control for coaxial and ring illumination
Cooling System
Natural air cooling
Optimal Imaging for Image Processing

CMOS Sensor

Image Sensor WVGA 1/3" progressive monochrome CMOS sensor
Pixel Size 6µm x 6µm
Frame Rate 60fps
Effective Pixels 752(H) x 80(V) 1/3"
Readout Mode Full 752(H) x 480(V) 60fps
1/2 752(H) x 240(V) 110fps
1/4 750(H) x 120(V) 190fps
Shutter Global shutter
Trigger Mode Free run (Internal trigger) / Software trigger
Interface USB2.0 High speed compatible
USB Cable Less than 3m with screw lock

Viewer Sample Software and SDK

  • Camera control: Exposure time and gains (analog/digital)
  • Coaxial LED Illumination: ON/OFF and intensity control
  • Ring LED illumination: ON/OFF and intensity control
  • Software trigger
  • Partial scan: Full, 1/2 and 1/4 selectable
  • Image rotation and flip

USB mini B Cables with Screw Lock Available

Model name Length
CAB-USB-02-MB 2m
CAB-USB-03-MB 3m
CAB-USB-05-MB 5m

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