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Schott Cold Vision Series Lightline Lenses
Cylindrical and apertured lenses, A08806 & A08826

Schott Cold Vision Series Lightline Lenses

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Part Number:Lightline Lenses

Lightline Lenses

(A08579, A08580, A08583, A08584, A08588, A08589, A08903, A08904, A08905, A08906, A08907, A08908, A08909, A08910, A08911, A08912, A08913, A08914, A08915, A08916, A08975, A08940, A08964)

Cylindrical and apertured lenses for 1" to 16" lightlines


• Cylindrical and apertured lenses are available as standard products for most lightline models. They can be custom made for all models.

• Cylindrical lens attachments are designed to collect light exiting the lightline to increase intensity up to a factor of 10.

• Apertured lens attachments are designed to project a more collimated line of light, not to increase light intensity.

• The lenses are adjustable and easily attach to SCHOTT lightlines.

• Custom length and configurations are available. Lead time is required.

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