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Schott Cold Vision Series Lightline Linear Polarizer Kits
(A) Lightline polarizer assembly, A08845, (B) Polarizer affixed to a 5" lightline, (C) Polarizer affixed to a cylindrical lens on a lightline.

Schott Cold Vision Series Lightline Linear Polarizer Kits

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Part Number:Lightline Linear Polarizer Kits

Lightline Linear Polarizer Kits

A08903, A08904, A08906, A08908, A08910, A08912, A08914, A08916, A08975


• Developed for use with 3" to 16" (227 to 406 mm) lightlines to enhance contrast on highly reflective surfaces for area and line scanning applications.

• Easily mount on SCHOTT lightlines alone or with cylindrical and apertured lenses affixed to the lightline.

• The polarizer(s) should be used with an analyzer supplied by the customer.

• The analyzer is typically attached to the camera objective.

• Two polarizers are included in the kit; one polarizes in the horizontal axis and the other polarizes in the vertical axis.

• Custom length configurations are available. Lead time is required.

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