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Schott Cold Vision Series Lightlines
12” Lightline, A08912

Schott Cold Vision Series Lightlines

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Part Number:Lightlines


(A08903, A08904, A08905, A08906, A08907, A08908, A08909, A08910, A08911, A08912, A08913, A08915, A08916, A08975)

Uniform lines of light ideal for Machine Vision and line scan applications


• Calibrated with DDL-bulb to a specified number of gray scale levels (see chart below) at a mean of 200 with a gamma setting of 1.0 to deliver optimum uniformity. Refer to section 25.02.01 for information on uniformity of fiber optic products.

• Assembly method accurately positions the fiber line within the body on all three planes, to a tolerance of ± .004”(0.1)†. The technique assures the fiber axis will be parallel with the mounting surface of the body.

• Fiber bundle exit locations include back-side (standard exit), back-center, and true-side

• Standard input ferrule fi ts ColdVision Series light sources. Can also be used with strobes.

• Rugged aluminum body with black anodized finish

• PVC covered metal or stainless steel tubing protect the fiber bundle.

• Lightline holders and support products available

• Custom lengths, bundle exits, line widths, and multiple combinations (dual, quad, etc.) can be designed for your unique requirements. Lead time required.

• Cylindrical and apertured lenses are available as standard products for most lightline models. They can be custom made for all models.

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