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Schott Cold Vision Series Ringlight Polarizers & Analyzers
Polarizer/Analyzer, A08615

Schott Cold Vision Series Ringlight Polarizers & Analyzers

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Part Number:Ringlight Polarizers & Analyzers

Ringlight Polarizers & Analyzers

(A08615, A08627, A08632, A08652, A08705)

The polarizing effect enhances contrast on highly reflective surfaces for Microscopy and Machine Vision Applications.


• The polarizer/analyzer reduces reflection and glare.

• The A08615 and A08632 polarizers were designed to easily snap-fit onto the ringlight. The analyzer is dropped through the top of the ringlight and positioned on top of the polarizer.

• To prevent the polarizer/analyzer from moving due to vibration, a knurled thumb-screw locks the polarizer assembly into position. In addition, it makes the holder easier to adjust. To further prevent vibration, a setscrew stops the polarizer disk from turning within the assembly. These features are found on polarizer/analyzer model numbers A08615 and A08627.


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