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Schott Cold Vision Series Ringlights, 66mm
66 mm Ringlight, A08625

Schott Cold Vision Series Ringlights, 66mm

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Part Number:Ringlights, 66mm

Ringlights, 66mm

(A08625, A08680)


 • Ringlights fit 66 mm microscope and camera objectives. Also shown on this sheet is a tapered inner-body ringlight for the Nikon SMZ 645/600 microscope. See model number A22040^.

• Working distance is 1.5” to 6” (38 to 152)

• 33” (838) bundle length on all models

• The ringlight body is made of rugged, black anodized aluminum and the fiber bundle is protected with flexible PVC covered metal tubing except the ESD (Electro Static Discharge) models.

• ESD ringlights are made conductive by replacing the black anodized finish with a conductive finish and the PVC metal tubing with stainless steel tubing. Each ringlight is checked for conductivity from inner body to light source adapter. (Available custom)

• Thumbscrew clamping/mounting system for precise positioning (except for model number A22040). Ringlights fit directly onto most microscope and camera objectives without adapters.

• Clamp rings for the Universal ringlights also fit the 66 mm ringlights for use with a different diameter objective microscope or with the Ringlight Holder.

• Input fits all ColdVision light sources. Ringlights can be used with other manufacturer’s continuous light sources. Adapters may be required.

• Use ringlights with our Dichroic color filters, diffusers, polarizer/analyzers and reflector rings for alternative lighting effects.

• Modified standard and custom ringlights are also available for all your unique requirements.

Ringlights, 66mm

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