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Schott Cold Vision Series Single and Dual Backlights
8” x 8” Backlight, A08927

Schott Cold Vision Series Single and Dual Backlights

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Part Number:Single and Dual Backlights

Single and Dual Backlights

(A08920, A08923, A08925, A08927, A08922, A08926)

Patented SCHOTT Backlights are calibrated to provide bright, even illumination for Microscopy and Machine Vision applications.


• Calibrated with DDL-bulb from ±13 to ±15 gray scale levels at a mean of 200, gamma setting of 1.0, using a patented process to create diffuse, uniform illumination within the active area. Uniformity scans are available upon request.

• The white acrylic diffuser plate provides the optimum combination of uniformity and intensity. The backlight housing is made of rugged, black anodized aluminum. The plastic fiber bundle is protected with flexible PVC covered metal tubing.

• Use with strobes and ColdVision Series light sources. Other sources, particularly those without an IR filter, may damage the plastic fibers.

• ColdVision dichroic color filters can be used on the products in conjunction with the A08931 backlight color filter adapter More details can also be found in the Fiber Optic Accessory section of the product catalog.

• IR - Filter in every unit

• Compact, low profile housing fits in small spaces.

• Can be used to create a crisp edge definition, or soft, diffuse incident light

• Dual and quad backlights increase lighting versatility. Additional combinations and sizes can be custom ordered.

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