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Schott Cold Vision Series Spatially Randomized Lightlines
Continuous Lightline, A08940

Schott Cold Vision Series Spatially Randomized Lightlines

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Part Number:Spatially Randomized Lightlines

Spatially Randomized Lightlines

A patented exclusive! 24" and 40" lines of for web and line scanning applications

Lightlines and Lenses (A08940, A08964)


• Manufactured using a patented process called spatial randomization. The process allows light from each input to be distributed over the entire length of the line. Therefore, should a light source fail while using multiple inputs, intensity is evenly reduced over the length of the line, rather than losing all light in a section of the line.

• Calibrated to ±15 gray scale levels at a mean of 200 with a gamma setting of 1.0 to deliver optimum uniformity. Refer to section 25.02.01 for information on uniformity of fiber optic products.

• Assembly method accurately positions the fiber line within the body on all three planes, to a tolerance of ± .004" (.1)*. The technique assures the fiber axis will be parallel with the mounting surface of the body.

• Standard input ferrule fits ColdVision Series light sources. Can also be used with strobes.

• The 24" (610) lightline accepts our dichroic filters and diffusers. To use color filters on the 40" (1016) line, part number A08931, color filter adapter, is required.

• Rugged aluminum body with a black anodized finish

• Stainless steel tubing protects the fiber bundle.

• Cylindrical lenses are available. They are designed to collect light exiting the lightline to increase intensity up to a factor of 10.

• Custom length, bundle exits, line widths and configuration are available. (Additional lead time required)

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