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Sony Video Microscope TechnoLook TW-TL8S  OPEN BOX UNIT
Sony Video Microscope TW-TL8S

Sony Video Microscope TechnoLook TW-TL8S OPEN BOX UNIT

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Sony Video Microscope TechnoLook TW-TL8S

AN INFORMATION TOOL that can be used in a wide range of applications, that display a larger

picture via an external monitor, and that can be connect ed to a personal computer.

Viewing at an angle enables spatial observations.

The CCD camera, mounted at about 45 degrees, enables natural spatial observations. By maintaining this angle in the vertical, but swinging the camera up to 45 degrees left and right, you can view the

object from various angles without moving it. A center adjustment functions lets you observe objects of different heights without a shift in the center of view.

A high-powered zoom lens and great depth of focus.

The video microscope's zoom lens can display magnifications of from 4 to 40x on the display monitor. A maximum magnification, the microscope can observe a field of view of 3.0 mm x 3.2 mm. The lens

offers a considerable depth of focus, giving a clear view over the entire picture. The microscope uses a flicker-free fluorescent lamp to illuminate the subject and provide steady, naturally colored images.

A design that integrates camera, lighting and monitor.

The design that integrates the CCD video camera, fluorescent illumination, 7-inch LCD monitor means a compact video microscope that is 226 mm wide x 430 mm high x 445 mm deep. It is so easy to use on a table, and can start work straight away once connected to a power source. Take it to the workplace, meeting room, conference center, etc.

A tool for sending images to a PC

The TW-TL1S video microscope has two video output terminals (composite/S video). The output from the camera can be played through a large-screen television, displayed on a movie screen via a projector, or input into a personal computer. The video microscope has a video input terminal (composite) permitting images stored in a peripheral device to be displayed on the microscope's LCD monitor.


  • Observe samples from various angles
  • Magnify the images by external monitor
  • Wide space ease of work
  • Share images with others
  • Capture images on computer



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