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Techniquip ProLine 80 66mm LED Ring Light
Techniquip ProLine 80 66mm LED Ring Light

Techniquip ProLine 80 66mm LED Ring Light

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Part Number:ProLine 80
Techniquip ProLine 80 66mm LED Ring Light


Designed and manufactured to the exacting standards that have made TechniQuip an industry leader in microscopy ring lights, the LED 80 delivers powerful, microscope-quality white light from our highly-engineered LED array.

Populated by eighty high-brightness white LED’s, the LED 80 is divided into an inner and outer

ring. Each ring contains four segments of ten LED’s each. Each ring and LED segment can be

independently boosted, dimmed, or turned on and off by the advanced LED controller. The

LED controller is included with the LED 80. TechniQuip’s advanced LED 80 controller offers

PWM control for maximum color stability at all dimming levels. Designed to deliver consistent

illuminance over wide range of working distances, the new energy-efficient LED 80 is ideal for a

wide variety of microscope applications.

CNC-machined from a block of aluminum alloy 6061 T6, the sturdy housing of the LED 80 offers

superior mass for thermal control. The machined housing is vented with slots to allow heat transfer

from the multilayer printed circuit board into which the LED’s are machine-mounted for precision

placement. These engineering techniques result in optimal thermal management and outstanding

optical performance in a rugged, attractive package. The TechniQuip LED 80 is ROHS compliant

and shares a distinctive industrial design.

The LED 80 delivers the performance you expect from TechniQuip in a rugged, long life, compact

ring light. Manufactured in TechniQuip’s own Pleasanton, California factory, the LED 80 is backed

by the great service and warranty that have made TechniQuip the first choice for OEM equipment,

semiconductor fabs, machine vision, laboratories, and other “mission critical” applications. 

L E D  8 0 R I N G L I G H T  P R O D U C T  F E AT U R E S

360° shadow-free illumination

Built and tested in the USA

80 high brightness LEDS

Supplied with controller and universal power supply

6500° K CCT (approx). Other color temperatures available

At just over 4” diameter and just over 1” thickness the LED 80 offers

the most compact profile on the market

Machined aluminum alloy housing for durability

The multi-function controller adjusts the intensity

and controls 8 x 10 LED segments

Universal power 100-240VAC 50/60Hz

3 point soft tipped mount for secure mount. Can mount to larger

diameter microscopes

Silent, no vibration operation

Standard model fits 1.25” - 2.6” (32-66mm) lenses

Energy Efficient: Maximum power consumption 18 watts

High Power: Provides illuminance equivalent to 150 watt halogen

illuminator coupled to fiber optic ring light

The LED 80 works with entire line of TechniQuip’s AN style

microscope adapters

The LED 80 ring can be detached from its cable when a microscope

needs to be moved

The LED 80 uses a standard HDMI cable, the most compact

cable on the market for this application

Private labeling available upon request

The inner and outer rings of LEDs in the LED80 are set at different

angles to create more uniform illumination across a wide range of

working distances (total illuminance varies less than 10% when

moving from a 4 inch working distance to a 6 inch working distance).

The LED80 is particularly well suited to applications where the

working distance is between 3.5 and 7 inches.

Application Note: Setting the working distance too close will result in a

dark spot in the center of the field of illumination – as the working distance

is increased this will be replaced by a bright spot until the field is evenly

illuminated by all 80 LEDs – this point and beyond are the ideal working

distances for even illumination. Shift the ringlight up and down on the

microscope as necessary to obtain this result.



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technologies. We offer a complete line of fiber optic cables and

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