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Ash Technologies Omni Digital Microscope Inspection Systems FI-805-001
Ash Technologies Omni Digital Microscope Inspection Systems FI-805-001

Ash Technologies Omni Digital Microscope Inspection Systems FI-805-001

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Part Number:FI-805-001
The Omni is an integrated full HD (1080p) digital microscope and measurement system that operates without a PC. Omni’s custom platform incorporates a highly configurable and upgradeable set of inspection and measurement applications such as focus stacking, 2D measurement, side by side and overlay image comparison, custom on screen reticule/graticule and lens distortion correction.

The Omni platform has a powerful image processing and control engine that delivers superb full HD live video image quality at 60 frames per second enabling it to be utilised as a solution in a broad range of quality control, testing, rework, assembly, inspection and documentation tasks.

The Omni GUI (Graphical User Interface) is a custom designed mouse controlled Interface delivering intuitive and efficient operation and control of the full application suite.

Its unique ability to stay in calibration over the entire zoom range is one of many features that differentiate the Omni from other digital inspection systems.

Camera control functions (auto and manual focus, exposure, gain, brightness, white balance) ensure ultrasharp, high contrast imaging.

Omni’s quick release cable free interchangeable illumination modules with intensity and quadrant control
ensure shadow free illumination and glare reduction.


  • 2D Measurement, Annotation & Graticules
  • Image Stacking
  • DXF Import
  • Comparator Overlay
  • Comparator Side by Side
  • Lens Distortion Correction
  • Calibration Tracking
  • Removable USB Image Capture
  • Save and Recall Images Internally
  • Transfer Images to PC via USB
  • Intuitive GUI
  • No PC Required

The Omni platform can be customized for your application needs. The platform will include these features as the core apps...
  • Intuitive Interface: Intuitive mouse and keyboard GUI for simple and familiar user experience
  • Email: Save time by emailing directly from the Omni. Document directly to server or cloud network for traceability
  • User Privileges: User privileges settings enable operational control and traceability
  • Lens Distortion Correction: Lens distortion is inherent in all microscopes. For large samples, distortion at the outer edges of the images can be corrected to enable larger field of view. 
  • Networking: Networking enables direct saving to the server or cloud for increased workflow efficiency
  • Internal & External Storage: USB and internal storage of images or graticule files for off network saving

...and depending on your needs, you can add these additional app:

2D Measurement, Annotation, and Graticules
Conducting 2D measurements is as simple as using a mouse to measure point to point, diameter and more with lines and shapes. Measurements, shapes and annotations can be applied to a live or static image, and saved internally without PC connection or externally via USB connection. Features include: point to point, diameter, angle, adjustable X-Y grid, shapes and annotation. 

Custom graticules can be created using the measurement app and saved to the camera's internal memory to be recalled later as necessary. Upon being recalled, the graticule will appear as an overlay over the live image and automatically zoom to the zoom level the graticule was saved in for accurate measurements. 

DXF Import
Import a range of DXF files to create graticules for overlay comparison with parts. Imported DXF files can be edited and annotated on the Omni system. This dramatically reduces time taken to create graticules and increases workflow efficiency.

Image Stacking
The Omni is able to sample from up to 12 images with different focal depths and stack the sharpest sections of each image sample to create one completely in-focus image.

Comparator Overlay and Comparator Side by Side
Image comparison can be done in one of two ways. Comparator Overlay allows the user to spot defects by flashing between the live image and stored image. Comparator Side by Side allows the user to view both the live image and stored image simultaneously via split screen viewing. The viewing ratio of the comparison can be adjusted according to the user's needs and even saved with annotation for documentation. 

Calibration Tracking
The Omni is able to automatically track calibration measurements even while zoom is being adjusted so no time is wasted doing recalibrations between magnification changes. 

User Efficiency

Optional 360° Rotating Viewer

The 360° Rotating Viewer can be used with the Omni digital microscope system, allowing users to rapidly inspect samples from an oblique angle (28° from vertical).

By simply rotating the viewer, the user can inspect any sample from multiple angles. Users can easily switch from 360° view to normal view with the adjustable mirror.

The 360° Rotating Viewer is useful in bare PCB inspection, solder joint inspection on assembled PCBs, electronics, quality control inspection, inspection of tips of small bore medical cylindrical parts, medical device manufacturing, and metal-cutting Tools. 


LensMaximum HeightMinimum HeightMagnification* 
Optical (Digital)
Horizontal Field of View 
Optical (Digital)
5+200 mm170 mm2.5x - 62x (122x)231mm - 8mm (4mm)
7.9 inches6.7 inches9.1" - 0.3" (0.2")
10+100 mm85 mm4x - 121x (237x)60mm - 5 mm (2mm)
3.9 inches3.3 inches2.4" - 0.2" (0.1")
*Video magnification obtained using a 24" HD monitor (use 9/16 multiplier for vertical field of view calculation)

Technical Specifications
Zoom Range (with supplied 5D lens)2.5x-122x
Camera Resolution1920x1080 Resolution | 60 fps | 30x Optical, 2x Digital
Monitor ConnectionsHDMI/DVI
Monitor RequirementsHD Ready or Full HD (recommended)
Input/OutputHDMI Output 
USB 2.0 Port x4 
RJ45 Ethernet Connector (for networking) 
General Purpose IO Port x3 
DC Power Jack (24V)
Image CaptureInternal Image Storage 
Removable USB Image Storage 
USB On the Go (PC Connectivity)
Dimensions216mm x 125mm x 136mm
Operating TemperaturesStorage: -10C to +60C 
Operating: +5C to 40C

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