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24x-160x Full HD 1080p Auto Focus/Wi-Fi Digital Microscope eHDAF205LBK with LED ring light (96 LEDs) and Black Basic Stand
24x-160x Full HD 1080p Auto Focus/Wi-Fi Digital Microscope eHDAF205LBK with LED ring light (96 LEDs) and Black Basic Stand, with optional monitor

24x-160x Full HD 1080p Auto Focus/Wi-Fi Digital Microscope eHDAF205LBK with LED ring light (96 LEDs) and Black Basic Stand

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24x-160x (Standard)
24 inch HD monitor (+$200.00)
12 inch HD monitor (+$250.00)
Hardware for mounting M12 to the round post for improved ergonomics and adjustments (+$199.00)
Measurement Software (PC required) (+$100.00)
Intelligent Integrated Measurement Tools (NO PC) (+$100.00)
Polarizer Light Option (+$399.00)
25mm x 25mm (1"x1") x-y travel Measurement Stage with LCD display. 1 micron (0.00005") resolution (+$999.00)
Other Lens Adapters
0.5x Lens Adapter - Working Distance 198 mm (7.8"), 12x-80x on 24" monitor (+$149.00)
2x Lens Adapter - Working Distance 46 mm (1.8"), 49x-320x on 24" monitor (+$149.00)
0.35x Rear Coupler with same working distance (+$200.00)

Feature 5


Autofocus wireless wifi microscope 24x-160x Full HD 1080p with black stand and long working distance is great for education and inspection.

eHDAF205LBK (24x-160x on 24 inch HD monitor) Full HD 1080p AUTO FOCUS/WIFI Digital Microscope with LED ring light (96 LEDs).  Capture images (2MP 1920X1080) and 1080p video to SD card.  NO Computer needed.    Easy Controls by Mouse.  AUTO FOCUS can also be turned off to become Manual Focus.   Cross hair feature.  Black basic stand included.  24.5-3.8mm DFOV.  WD 4 inch.  Measurement Tools and WIFI NOT Included.  [Optional 0.5x and 2x Adapters]   HD 1080p Monitor NOT included. 

eHDAF205 is the ultimate digital microscope with 12" or 24” HD monitor paired with the most advanced high definition digital camera technology to deliver Full HD 1080p resolution motion video with no lag time. The HD digital microscope offers magnification of 12x-320x on 24" HD monitor or 6x-155x on 12" HD monitor with long working distance of 1.8” to 7.8", which is ideal for assembly, inspection, training, real-time viewing, image image and motion video documentation.  Optional rear 0.35x lens can be used to increase the magnification without changing working distance.  The digital microscope has HDMI output and SD card for direct image and motion video capture. Still images can be saved in 1920x1080 (2 mega-pixels) and motion HD video can be captured in 1080p.  No computer is needed for image or video capture to SD card.  Wi-Fi connection (included) and USB output option is available for direct connection to computer for video measurement application. Customized camera built-in measurement software is also available.

The eHDAF205 can be configured with various stands, XY measurement stage, and lighting accessories. Adjustable high intensity LEDs provide bright uniform lighting for great picture quality. Polarizer lighting and dual arm goose arm lighting options are also available for this eHDAF205. The optional laser light pointer is great for locating the inspection area. Measurement software and XY measurement stages are also available with the eHDAF205. 

eHDAF205 Benefits

· High Definition HD 1080p digital microscope 
· Healthy Ergonomics: Less eye fatigue and neck stress 
· Great Depth of Field 
· Long Working Distance: 1.8" to 7.8"
· Adjustable Viewing Angles (0 to 90 degrees) 
· Real Time Full Motion HD1080p 60fps 
· HD Video Display 
· Large 24" HD monitor for discussion or training purposes 
· Save images with 2 megapixel resolution to SD card 
· HD 1080p video motion can be recorded direct to SD card
· Imaging Stitching and Extended Depth of Focus features available on PC-side software (connect via WiFi)
· Wide zoom ratio with constant focus 
· Full camera, lens and lighting adjustments 
· XY measurement stage options available 
· Different stand options 
· Adjustable high intensity LEDs with diffuser glass
· Laser Pointer Option 
· Fluorescent or halogen lighting options 
· Measurement software option

eHDAF205 Application

· Assembly
· Production
· Quality Control
· Failure Analysis
· Electronics
· Documentation
· Medical Device
· Machining
· Aerospace
· Natural Science
· Training

Systems can also be configured with Manual Focus camera

Integrated Measurement Software (No PC needed or with Wi-Fi connection)

The software UI shown below includes the Camera Control Panel on the left side of the video window, the Measurement Toolbar on the upper side of the video window, the Synthesis Camera Control Toolbar on the bottom of the video window and the Auto Focus Control Panel on right side of the video window.

Camera Control Panel pops up when user moves mouse cursor to the left side of the window; Synthesis Camera Control Toolbar pops up when mouse cursor is moved towards bottom of the window. 

Measurement Toolbar pops up when mouse is moved towards top of window: 

(from left to right):

Float/Fix position of Measurement Toolbar, Show/Hide measuring object, Measurement Unit, Magnification, Object Selection, Point, Angle, Arbitrary Line, Parallel, Horizontal Line, Vertical Line, Rectangle, Circle, Ellipse, Annulus, Two Circles and Center Distance, Arc, Polygon, Curve, Calibration, Conjugate Correction. Export as CSV file, Delete all Measurement Objects, Settings, Exit Current Measurement Mode

Image Stitching and Extended Depth of Focus


Image Stitching (left) and Extended Depth of Focus (right) 

When the auto focus camera is directly connected to computer via WiFi connection, the PC-side measurement software features image stitching as well as extended depth of focus. Image stitching allows multiple images to be pieced together to form one combined image, which is useful applications that require larger field of view while maintaining detailed image quality. Extended depth of focus allows multiple images to be stacked together so that imaging of an area with components on various planes will be all be in complete focus, creating one superior image with an extended depth of field of this single area.

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