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LCD Digital Video Microscope 8 inch Monitor Basic Stand LCDM8-BS
LCD Digital Video Microscope with Basic Stand

LCD Digital Video Microscope 8 inch Monitor Basic Stand LCDM8-BS

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Sample configuration including: 

MV100411                           8” LCD and Microscope body

MA211101                           Basic Stand

Optional: Measuring software and computers.

LCD digital video microscope is a compact all-in-one design with integrated adjustable LED lighting, 8 inch or 10 inch LCD monitor, laser pointer, and 35 degree oblique angle viewing adapter. The system can be configured with various stand options and X-Y measurement stage. It has both composite and s-video outputs which can be connected with USB capture device for image and video capture, or video measurement software. Various lens adapters are also available to increase and decrease magnifications, or to change working distance of this digital video microscope.
• High resolution video for viewing and documentation
• Less eye fatigue
• 35 degree oblique angle viewing
• More Ergonomic
• Less neck stress
• Built in 8” or 10” LCD for viewing, discussion or training purpose
• Full motion real time video display
• Save images in jpg, bmp or tiff files for e-mail transmission
• Video Motion can be recorded
• Working distance for assembly or inspection application
• Wide zoom ratio 6.5:1 with constant focus
• Detent click stops for measurement applications
• Full LED lighting, laser pointer and white balance adjustments
• Measurement software and XY measurement stage options
• Stand alone image and video capture device options (NO computer needed)
• Different stand options
• Adjustable viewing angles
• Adjustable high intensity LED
• Fluorescent or halogen lighting options
• Assembly
• Production
• Quality Control
• Failure Analysis
• Process Control
• Measurement
• Electronics
• Medical Device
• Machining
• Aerospace
• Natural Science
• Training
• Documentation
Field of View and Magnification Chart    
Auxiliary Lens  8" LCD Magnification 10.4" LCD Magnification FOV mm (inch) D. Working Distance
0.3x  3.6x~22.9x  4.6x~29.7x  57.1~8.9mm (2.25"-0.35") 331mm (13")
0.5x  5.9x~38.1x  7.7x~49.5x  34.3~5.3mm (1.35"-0.21") 198mm (7.8")
0.75x  8.9x~57.1x  11.6x~74.3x  22.8~3.6mm (0.90"-0.14") 131mm (5.2")
0.75x (35 degree) 8.9x~57.1x  11.6x~74.3x  22.8~3.6mm (0.90"-0.14") 52mm (2")
1.0x (Standard)  11.9x~76.2x  15.4x~99.1x  17.1~2.7mm (0.67"-0.11") 96mm (3.8")
1.5x  17.8x~114.3x  23.1x~148.6x  11.4~1.8mm (0.45"-0.071") 63mm (2.5")
2.0x  23.7x~152.4x  30.8x~198.1x  8.6~1.3mm (0.34"-0.051") 46mm (1.8")
Specifications subject to changes and E&O without notice and liabilities.
Zoom Body
0.7x-4.5x with detent click stops
Zoom Ratio
White Balance
LED ring light with adjustable brightness
Laser Pointer
5V, 650nm
LCD Resolution
640x480 (8" LCD)
1024x768 (10.4" LCD)
Viewing Angle
150 degree
Video Output
BNC Connector and S-Video
Power Supply
Body Size
76mm Scope Holder
LCD Digital Video Microscope LCDM8-BS with integrated video monitor and digital output for image capture and video measurement software option.  Different stand, lighting and software options are available.

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