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Dino-Lite Premier AM4116ZTL VGA 800x600 10x-90x, LWD, polarizer
Dino-Lite Premier AM4116ZTL VGA 800x600 10x-90x, LWD, polarizer

Dino-Lite Premier AM4116ZTL VGA 800x600 10x-90x, LWD, polarizer

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Part Number:AM4116ZTL
Dino-Lite Premier AM4116ZTL VGA 800x600 10x-90x, LWD, polarizer
The Dino-Lite Premier AM4116ZTL is a VGA microscope with polarizer and enhanced working distance that connects directly to computer monitors or tv with VGA (DE15, D-SUB) input. Simply plug a standard VGA cable into the VGA adaptor on the microscope cord and plug directly into your computer monitor. This model can reach up to 90X magnification with longer working distance from your subject and provides 800x600 resolution in addition to real time imaging of 60fps. The adjustable polarizer is designed to reduce the effects of glare and to help eliminate “hot spots” from highly reflective surfaces and providing uniform illumination to bring out more surface detail with minimal glare. The new sensor provides enhanced low light visibility for clear images in any situation. The “Microtouch II” button enables the operator to switch the built in LED lights on or off.

Working distance & field of view mm
Working Distance15110177.
Field of View21.0 x 15.714.3 x 10.510.5 x 7.98.4 x 6.37.0 x 5.26.0 x 4.55.0 x 3.94.0 x 3.5
Depth of Field

Working distance & field of view inch
Working Distance5.9453.9763.0392.5242.2132.0201.9021.835
Field of View0.827 x 0.6180.563 x 0.4130.413 x 0.3110.331 x 0.2480.276 x 0.2050.236 x 0.1770.197 x 0.1540.157 x 0.138
Depth of Field


LEDsWhite (8)
LED TypeWhite
Magnification Range10x - 90x
Working DistanceLong
Lens TypeGlass
Extended Depth of FieldNo
Sensor TypeCMOS
Resolution800 × 600 pixels
Frame Rate (max)60 FPS
Enhanced Dynamic RangeNo
Automatic Magnification ReadingNo
Dimensions10.5cm (L) x 3.2cm (D) (4.13" x 1.26")
Weight105g (3.7 oz)
Cable Length182cm (71.65 in)
Magnification LockYes
Body MaterialABS Plastic
Microtouch SensorYes
Package IncludesMicroscope, AC Adapter, VGA Cable
Warranty Period2 years
Manufactured inTaiwan
Service & SupportU.S. ( English & Spanish
Regulatory ApprovalCE, FCC
Working Distance Comparison

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