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eUSx305LBK 3 MP USB Digital Microscope 24x-160x or possible 12x-320x and Measurement/Image Processing with LED Ring Light and Black Basic Stand
eUSx305LBK 3 MP USB Digital Microscope with LED Ring Light and Black Basic Stand, monitor not included

eUSx305LBK 3 MP USB Digital Microscope 24x-160x or possible 12x-320x and Measurement/Image Processing with LED Ring Light and Black Basic Stand

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24x-160x (Standard with 1x adapter on 24 inch monitor)
Measurement Software Included (PC required)
10 MP Camera Upgrade [+$100.00]
14 MP Camera Upgrade [+$200.00]
Polarizer Light Option [+$399.00]
25mm x 25mm (1"x1") x-y travel Measurement Stage with LCD display. 1 micron (0.00005") resolution [+$599.00]
Other Lens Adapters
0.5x Lens Adapter - Working Distance 198 mm (7.8"), 18x-114x on 24" monitor [+$149.00]
2x Lens Adapter - Working Distance 46 mm (1.8"), 71x-457x on 24" monitor [+$149.00]
0.35x Rear Coupler with same working distance [+$200.00]

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eUSx305LBK (24x-160x on 24 inch HD monitor) 3MP USB Digital Microscope with LED ring light.  View, Capture Image, Measurement and Image Processing on Computer via USB port.   Cross hair feature.  Black basic stand included.  24.5-3.8mm DFOV.  WD 4 inch.  [Optional 0.5x and 2x Adapters]  Computer and Monitor NOT included. 

eUSx305 is the ultimate USB digital microscope paired with the most advanced high definition digital camera technology to deliver high definition motion video with no lag time. The HD digital microscope offers magnification of 12x-320x on 24" HD monitor or 6x-155x on 11.6" HD monitor with long working distance of 1.8” to 7.8", which is ideal for assembly, inspection, training, real-time viewing, image image and motion video documentation.  Optional rear 0.35x lens can be used to increase the magnification without changing working distance.  Still images can be saved in 2048x1536 (3 mega-pixels).  

The eUSx305 can be configured with various stands, XY measurement stage, and lighting accessories. Adjustable high intensity LEDs provide bright uniform lighting for great picture quality. Polarizer lighting and dual arm goose arm lighting options are also available for this eUSx305. The optional laser light pointer is great for locating the inspection area. Measurement software and XY measurement stages are also available with the eUSx305

The basic characteristics of eUSx305 cameras are as follows:

  • C-Mount camera with Aptina or OnSemi CMOS sensor
  • Dimensions: 29x29x29mm excluding lens holder; without optics (metal case)
  • 8-pin Hirose HR25-7TR-8PA GPIO connector for trigger, strobe (optional)
  • USB 2.0 interface with screw locks for camera control, data, and power
  • With advanced video & image processing application ToupView
  • Providing Windows/Linux/Mac OS multiple platforms SDK
  • Native C/C++, C#/VB.NET, DirectShow, Twain Control API

eUSx305 Benefits

· High Definition USB digital microscope 
· Healthy Ergonomics: Less eye fatigue and neck stress 
· Great Depth of Field 
· Long Working Distance: 1.8" to 7.8"
· Adjustable Viewing Angles (0 to 90 degrees) 
· Save images with 3 megapixel resolution
· Video motion can be recorded
· Wide zoom ratio with constant focus 
· Full camera, lens and lighting adjustments 
· XY measurement stage options available 
· Different stand options 
· Adjustable high intensity LEDs with diffuser glass
· Laser Pointer Option 
· Fluorescent or halogen lighting options 
· Measurement software option

eUSx305 Application

· Assembly
· Production
· Quality Control
· Failure Analysis
· Electronics
· Documentation
· Medical Device
· Machining
· Aerospace
· Natural Science
· Training

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