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5x-55x Full HD 1080p Digital Microscope HD-A23001 with 15" HD LCD monitor, Magic Arm, and Measurement Software
5x-55x Full HD 1080p Digital Microscope HD-A23001 with 12.5" HD LCD monitor, Magic Arm, and Measurement Software

5x-55x Full HD 1080p Digital Microscope HD-A23001 with 15" HD LCD monitor, Magic Arm, and Measurement Software

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5x-55x (Standard)
24 inch HD monitor (+$200.00)
Measurement Software (Standard)
Polarizer Light Option (+$399.00)
25mm x 25mm (1"x1") x-y travel Measurement Stage with LCD display. 1 micron (0.00005") resolution (+$999.00)

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The HD-A23001 is a compact and all-in-one design digital USB microscope with 15" HD LCD for ergonomic viewing and USB output to computer for measurement. Zoom magnification from 5x to 55x range is controlled by the working distance between the scope and the target. The ingenious top focus knob on top of camera helps you to produce the sharpest image for inspection and capture to micro SD card. Free moving “magic” arms with flexible joints allows all possible positions and viewing angle for any inspection of PCB, medical devices, research, hobby, and QC inspection. Best of all, this latest HD Microscope incorporating latest camera sensor is user friendly and affordable.

HD-A23001 Benefits

  • 3.5 MP HD digital microscope camera
  • Healthy Ergonomics: Less eye fatigue and neck stress
  • Great Depth of Field
  • Long Working Distance: 1.25" to 12.75"
  • Adjustable Viewing Angles with magic arm
  • Real Time Full Motion HD1080p 60fps
  • 12.5 inch HD LCD monitor for direct line of sight and real time viewing with no lag
  • HDMI output to LCD, and USB 2.0 output to computer
  • Save images and motion video direct to SD card
  • No computer needed for SD card
  • Wide zoom ratio with constant focus
  • Full camera, lens and lighting adjustments
  • Two concentric layers of LED ring light independently controlled
  • Stand with magic arm and base
  • Measurement software included for Windows 10/8/7 computer
  • Different stand and lighting options also available

HD-A23001 Application

  • Assembly
  • Production
  • Quality Control
  • Failure Analysis
  • Electronics
  • Documentation
  • Video Recording
  • Medical Device
  • Machining
  • Aerospace
  • Natural Science
  • Training
  • Education
  • Research and Development
  • Forensics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Micro Electronics
  • SMT
  • Semiconductor

HD-A23001 Key Features

3.5 MP Digital HD USB Microscope

  • Capture images and record videos to microSD card
  • HDMI direct output to 12.5" HD LCD screen
  • USB output ot computer

Magnification 5x to 55x

  • Magnification controlled by variable working distance
  • Unique camera focused for extended working distance and magnification range

Unique Dual Layer LED Ring Lights

HD-A23001 is equipped with the External coaxial light, which can uni formly illuminate the surface of the plane and the shiny surface, and enhance the features of marking, recessing or embossing.It can highlight the uneven surface of the object, overcome the interference caused by the reflection of the surface, and improve the microscope reproducibility.

  • Reduce glare under diffused light
  • More conducive to the observation of smooth, highly reflective, and/or hard-to-reach area under external coaxial light
  • Both LED ring lights independently controlled; brightness can be freely combined and adjusted according to actual observation situation
  • Powered by the monitor safe and reliable, and reduces floor line to save space on working table

12.5" HD LCD with multiple HDMI inputs

  • Directly mounted on stand for direct line-of-sight viewing
  • All-in-one design with camera scope for perfect combination

Compact and Lightweight Design

  • Easily transportable to any locations
  • Camera can be positioned at ANY angle (i.e. tilting any angles, upside down, or horizontally)
HD-A23001 includes: digital microscope, camera, LED light, 12.5" HD LCD screen, stand with magic arm, measurement software (PC needed)

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