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Digital Microscope Meiji EM Series Zoom Stereo EMZ-10
Digital Microscope Meiji EM Series Zoom Stereo EMZ-10

Digital Microscope Meiji EM Series Zoom Stereo EMZ-10

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EMZ - Zoom Stereo Microscopes

The body is the heart of our modular zoom stereo microscope design. It contains the objectives and prisms that capture the image of the specimen, magnify it, and direct it to the eyetubes. The body by itself cannot be used to view an object; it also needs eyepieces that further magnify the image and allow the viewer to see, and it must be mounted on a stand that has a focus mechanism for raising and lowering the body.

Zoom stereo microscope bodies are the most flexible because they offer a wider range of magnification than turret (EMT) or fixed (EMF) bodies. Much like the zoom lens on a camera, zoom objectives increase and decrease magnification progressively, causing the specimen to grow or shrink smoothly in the eyes of the viewer. Copies of our zoom microscopes are made in many countries throughout the world. However, our products hold their parfocality or focus throughout the zoom range and not all microscope brands seem to do this which is one reason why our products retain their value for many, many years.

Meiji Techno offers EM Series zoom stereo microscope bodies with a wide range of magnifications and working distances. All EM bodies come with dust covers and rubber eyeshields. Eyepieces are sold separately and we have a wide selection to offer.


Binocular rotatable 360°
Zoom Ratio:
Zoom Range:
0.7x - 4.5x
Zoom Control:
Dual, graduated, bilateral mount
7x - 45x (10x eyepieces)
Field of View:
32mm - 5.1mm
Working distance:
Eyetube Inclination:
Interpupillary Distance:
54mm - 75mm
Dioptric Adj:
Dual (+/- 5 diopters)
Extended Mag Range:
2.1x - 270x
Extended Working Distances:
45mm - 326mm*
*= Indicates a distinctive feature.
Meiji EM Zoom Stereo microscope EMZ-10 with HD HDMI or USB Megapixel digital camera with 2d or 3d measurement software. Microscope can come with stand and LED lighting option.  Some HD camera has internal SD for saving digital picture and video.

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