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Digital Microscope Meiji RZ Series CMO Stereo Microscopes RZB-MA748-RZDT
Digital Microscope Meiji RZ Series CMO Stereo Microscopes RZ.

Digital Microscope Meiji RZ Series CMO Stereo Microscopes RZB-MA748-RZDT

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Part Number:RZB-MA748-RZDT

Sample configuration including:

RZ-B Zoom body and focus block, 1:10 zoom ratio

MA748 Binocular head, 45° inclined

RZDT Stand with brightfield/darkfield transmitted illumination system

MA730 UWF10X Eyepiece, high-eyepoint, focusable, FN 24 (Each)

MA742 Plan objective 1.0X

MA751 Photo/video attachment

MA752 Auxiliary video camera attachment

MA150/60 Camera attachment with finder

Optional: Monitor. Please contact us for the current monitor specs.

RZ Series Stereo Microscopes
RZ Series CMO Stereo Microscopes are advanced, high-performance, modular, stereo microscopes specifically designed with today's demanding microscopy applications in mind. Engineered around a common main objective and parallel optical paths, the RZ Series offers crisp, distortion-free, high-resolution images at magnifications ranging from 3.75x to 300x. Browse the optical components, photo/video accessories, and stands to configure a system to meet your needs.

The RZ features a 10:1 zoom ratio with built-in variable dual-iris diaphragms and 12 positive click stops through the zoom range. Two perpendicular columns of eight zoom lenses in four groups move in smooth motion controlled by ergonomically sized and positioned zoom knobs. A magnification indicator is conveniently located on the zoom controls.

Exterior components are painted with special anti-static finish which is especially useful when working in sensitive environments. Two types of viewing heads are available.

Coaxial Illumination Components

·         COX Coaxial Vertical Illuminator

·         MA651/05 Power Supply

·         MA762 ¼ wave plate

Included Filters with COX

MA754 LB100 Blue Filter

MA755 G533 Green Filter

MA756 Y48 Yellow Filter

MA757 ND2 Neutral Density Filter

MA758 ND8 Neutral Density Filter

RZ configuration featuring

CK3900N analog CCD video camera

Sony Bravia HD monitor

COX coaxial illuminator

MA 762 ¼ wave plate

RZP plain stand


The RZ can be mounted on the RZT-LED stand for transmitted LED illumination.

•5w LED illuminator

• Variable intensity control

• Clear glass stage plate

•Auto-voltage sensing


Ergonomic Head

The ergonomic head features low-positioned eyetubes with inclination adjustable from 10° to 50° and interpupillary distances adjustable from 52mm to 75mm for comfortable, fatigue-free viewing.

A wide selection of eyepieces and objective lenses offer crisp, distortion-free images over a wide range of magnifications and working distances.

A wide range of stands and accessories allows you to tailor an RZ system to your specific needs.

Options include: coaxial vertical illuminator, photo/video attachments, drawing attachment, polarizing filters, a selection of stands with built-in brightfield and brightfield/darkfield illumination, mechanical stages and much more.

RZ Series Components & Accessories

Part Number
Ultra Widefield 10x Eyepieces with 25mm reticle mount, FN24, 21mm Eye Relief, 25.0mm Focal Length
Ultra Widefield 15x Eyepieces with 19mm reticle mount, FN16, 17mm Eye Relief, 16.6mm Focal Length
Ultra Widefield 20x Eyepieces with 19mm reticle mount, FN12, 12mm Eye Relief, 12.5mm Focal Length
RZ Objectives
Part Number
Plan Achromat 0.5x Working Distance 164mm
Plan Achromat 0.75x Working Distance 101mm
Plan Achromat 1.0x Working Distance 76mm
Plan Achromat 1.5x Working Distance 43mm
Plan Achromat 2.0x Working Distance 29mm
Optional Accessories
Coaxial Vertical Illuminator, requires 1/4 wave plate MA762
1/4 wave plate fits RZ Stereo Objectives
Transformer only, main voltage 110/115V, secondary voltage 6V 30W
Halogen lamp, 6V 30W for RZT stand and COX illuminator
Fluorescent Ring Light
Adapter for MA305 to fit RZ Series Objectives
Photo/video attachment with sliding 80/20 beam-splitter for attaching 35mm, polaroid, video, or digital cameras to RZ microscope
Filters - Fits COX Vertical Illuminator
Y48 Yellow filter 18mm in mount
Blue filter, LB100, 18mm in mount
G533 Green filter, clear, 18mm in mount
ND2 Neutral density filter 18mm in mount
ND8 Neutral density filter 18mm in mount

Digital Microscope Meiji RZ Series CMO Stereo Microscopes RZ with HD HDMI or USB megapixel camera with 2d or 3d measurement software

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