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Motic Industrial Stereo Microscope 140 Series SMZ-143 N2GG
Motic Industrial Stereo Microscope 140 Series SMZ-143 N2GG

Motic Industrial Stereo Microscope 140 Series SMZ-143 N2GG

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Motic Industrial Stereo Microscope 140 Series SMZ-143 N2GG
Sample configuration including:
Greenough Zoom Optical System
45° Trinocular stereomicroscope head
Photo/Video: 100% [right eyetube]
Widefield eyepieces 10X / F.N. 20
4 : 1 Zoom Ratio, WD = 80mm
Magnification Range: 1X - 4X
N2GG: Compact incident/transmitted illumination stand
12V/15W Intensity controlled halogen incident illumination
12V/10W Intensity controlled halogen transmitted illumination
Main supply 110V
Product Description

Compact Greenough zoom stereomicroscope solution for demanding applications.

The SMZ-140 line is the most versatile stereomicroscope manufactured by Motic. The list of applications may seem only a few, but each day presents another opportunity to incorporate this fantastic microscope into one’s system. The basic model is a zoom stereomicroscope system with a zoom ratio of 1:4 and a working distance of 80 mm based upon the Greenough optical system. The Greenough optical system displays crisp, stereoscopic images while having the ruggedness to handle harsh environments of the laboratory or machines.

With three optical carrier options and numerous stands and accessories, the SMZ-140 can be configured to your requirements. The overall system produces a maximum magnification of 180X and a maximum working distance of 200mm depending on the configuration chosen by you. In addition, the compact size of the SMZ-140 permits it into areas of limited space or the option of having several units where one could only fit with regular zoom stereomicroscopes. Another option with the SMZ-140 series is the built-in digital versions DM-143 [2-megapixal camera] and DMW-143 [3-simultaneous outputs] versions.

  • 45º inclined trinocular head, rotates 360º, with diopter adjustment
  • Light distribution 0:100 right eyetube/Trinocular tube
  • Widefield eyepieces WF10X/20mm
  • Zoom ratio 4:1; total standard magnification 10X – 40X
  • Click stops at 10X, 20X, 30X and 40X
  • Working distance 80mm
  • Heavy-duty rack & pinion focusing block with slip clutch
  • Pole stand with incident and transmitted Halogen illumination with intensity control and separate on/off switch
  • Top light 12V/15W and bottom light 12V/10W Halogen
  • Supplied standard with 80mm frosted glass, black and white stage plates.
Stereo Microscope Series
Make use of the convenience and versatility of seeing a large image at 10X magnification, then zooming continuously to close-up details at 40X… or any point in between. The SMZ-140 Series offer a high optical performance combined with a complete range of stands and illumination systems.

Main features

  • Zoom objective 1X – 4X
  • Click stops for precise calibrations
  • Binocular or Trinocular version
  • Modular system

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