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Sentech Auto Focus (HD CMOS) Camera STC-AFCM133DV
Sentech Auto Focus (HD CMOS) Camera STC-AFCM133DV

Sentech Auto Focus (HD CMOS) Camera STC-AFCM133DV

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Part Number:STC-AFCM133DV
Sentech Auto Focus (HD CMOS) Camera STC-AFCM133DV

Auto Focus Block HD CMOS

The STC-AFCM133DV is the newest addition to Sentech’s Auto Focus Block Camera line. This low cost, high performance CMOS based camera outputs both DVI and LVDS signals. The DVI signal can go directly to any flat screen monitor that takes a DVI or HDMI input. The STC-AFCM133DV auto focus block camera outputs a 720p, 60 fps, 16x9 image. This product provides full on-board image processing for Low Vision Magnifier systems.

·         12x Optical Zoom

·         720p, High Definition Output

·         DVI-LVDS Video Output



HD Active Picture Element
1280 (H) x 720 (V)
Cell Size
3.75 (H) x 3.75 (V) µm
Minimum Scene Illumination
Initial setting : 5.82 Lux at F1.6 (at zoom out position) at 50 % IRE, AGC ON and 1/100 seconds shutter speed with IR cut filter 2.78 Lux at F1.6 (at zoom out position) at 50 % IRE, AGC ON and 1/60 seconds shutter speed with IR cut filter
Sync System
Video Output
DVI 1.0 conformity RGB, 1280 (H) x 720 (V), 60 Hz / 50 Hz (YPbPr LVDS signal output from the LVDS KEL connector)
Can be configured via the UART communication with optical iris, auto electronic shutter and AGC
Shutter Speed
Adjustable shutter speed via the UART communication
AGC or Fixed gain selectable via the UART communication
Digital Gain
Up to 12.0242 dB
1.0, 0.9, 0.8, 0.7, 0.6, 0.5, 0.45, 0.3 or manual gamma Selectable gamma via the UART communication
White Balance
Auto white balance / manual white balance / push to set white balance Selectable white balance via the UART communication
Mirror Image
Horizontal and vertical flip are selectable mirror image via the UART
Picture Modes
Three picture mode (Picture, bright and pseudo color including the thirty pseudo color modes) Selectable picture mode via the UART communication
Line Generator
Both horizontal and vertical with all available colors Adjustable thickness via the UART communication
Shadow Mask Generator
Both horizontal and vertical with shading level adjustment via the UART communication
Motion Detection
Selectable On or Off via the UART communication
Digital Zoom
x1 to x128 digital zoom Digital pan and tilt is available on frozen image
Freeze Image
Selectable Live image or freeze image via the UART communication Digital pan and tilt is available on a frozen image
UART communication via C304 (S4B-ZR-SM4A, JST) connector
Character Generator
Built-in character generation function via the UART communication
Pixel Blemish Correction
Static pixel blemish correction up to 64 pixels
Optical Zoom
Manual zoom position control via the UART communication
Auto focus / manual focus / push set focus Selectable focus mode via the UART communication
Auto IRIS / manual IRIS / push set IRIS Selectable IRIS control mode via the UART communication
- Input Voltage
DC 8 to 15 V (Typical: 12 V)
- Consumption
55.5 (W) x 48.5 (H) x 76 (D) mm
Auto Focus Lens
11x auto focus zoom lens (Tamron) Optical zoom range: from 5.2 mm to 58.8 mm Aperture: F 1.6 at f = 5.2 mm to F 3.0 at f = 58.8 mm
Close-up Lens
Without any close-up lens
Optical Filter
IR cut filter on
- Video Output (DVI)
Mini-HDMI connector / CN207, SSL00-10L3 (KEL)
- Video Output (LVDS)
CN204, SSL00-10L3 (KEL)
- HD/VD signal output
- Power Input
CN303, S2B-ZR-SM4A (JST)
- External Control
CN305, SM06B-SRSS (JST) 6-pin connector header for up to nine external switch connectivity
- Communication
CN304, S4B-ZR-SM4A (JST)
Approximately 150 g
Operating Temperature
Temperature: 0 to 45 deg. C
Storage Temperature
Temperature: -30 to 65 deg. C
RoHS compliance

Auto Focus Block Cameras


·         Powerful 11X, 18X & 22X Optical Zoom Capabilities

·         3 Base Models: HD 720p, 480 TV Lines, 330 TV Lines

·         RS232 Serial Communication

·         Low Light Extended Integration

·         Direct Connection to TFT Computer Type Monitors

·         Optional 25cm Close-up Lens

·         Manual Focus Override

·         AF Stability (Reduces Hunting During Target Movement)

·         Full Low Vision Features

- 3 Independently Programmable Image Modes

- 30 Combinations of Pseudo Colors including Super Bright Mode

- Masking & Line Generation

- Digital Zoom (Some Models)

- Image Freeze (Some Models)

- Horizontal & Vertical Flip (Some Models)

Auto Focus Series

Standard and HD Technology with CCD Performance

Sentech proudly features an industrial grade Auto Focus Camera Series specifically designed for medical, low vision and industrial applications. Sentech has both High Definition and Standard Resolution Block Cameras. Our new HD auto focus camera(STC-AF133 & STC-AF134) is a digital output CCD based camera with an 18X zoom lens. The STC-AF133 & STC-AF134 features true HD 720p resolution and outputs 16x9 image at 60fps. Our Standard auto focus block cameras are available in both standard (STC-AF56) and high resolution (STC-AF66). All Sentech block cameras have full Low Vision functionality built into the camera.


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